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Two Noble Kinsmen

17 Oct 2023

Based on Chaucer's Knight's Tale, another revealing prologue lies at the start of this late play whose authorship the records attribute to Will and John Fletcher, the successful long-term… goto

Literacy and Education

20 Aug 2023

Barrel scraping One of the worst features of Barber's case, the weakest of her insinuations and one of the most depressing features of the invented profile for her non-existent second… goto


Dyer consequences

17 Aug 2023

A pontification too far The Spectator. Alexander Waugh's Diary. November 2, 2013 Alexander Waugh's Diary is a sparse but rather good echo of Auberon Waugh's brilliant diary in Private Eye. With… goto


Redating The Tempest (2)

21 Jul 2023

An Anti-Stratfordian Tour de Farce From the lost play The Spanish Maze based on an as yet undiscovered chapter of Don Quixote, the only copy of which is thought to survive in an as yet unknown part… goto



Diana Price on Hand D

27 May 2023

We have taken the liberty of reproducing large chunks of Diana Price's article rebutting the content of our Hand D pages (which she does without referring to them or linking to them). You… goto

Diana Price

Sir Thomas More  (1592–1604)

Was Shakespeare a Woman??

22 May 2023

Riding the crest of the #metoo wave, Elizabeth Winkler, an investigative journalist, decided to explore the case that Shakespeare may have been a woman. Unfortunately, the only thing she appears… goto

Week 2 Home page

5 Apr 2023

By the end of the first week of the course, interest was already beginning to flag. The appearance of Alexander Waugh and his worn out arguments about play broking and The Poet Ape gave veterans of… goto

Leonard Digges

23 Mar 2023

In 1613 Leonard Digges penned a note onto the fly-leaf of a copy of the third edition of Rimas de Lope de Vega Carpio, printed in Madrid the same year; the inscribed copy survives in the library of… goto



13 Mar 2023

How to: Academy, Video Published on Sep 26, 2017 Shakespeare’s plays and poems tell us who we are. But who is he? Join celebrated Stratfordian Sir Jonathan Bate and anti-Stratfordian… goto


Inked Out—Oxford’s Hand

15 Dec 2022

Inked Out: How Oxford's Letters Cross Him Off As “Shakespeare” Speake the Speech I pray you, as I pronounc'd it to you   The Earl of Oxford’s English is unique. It is both stuffily antiquated,… goto

Beyond Belief

6 Dec 2022

  Confirmation bias Is it at all possible that conformation bias can be at work in the authorship question?  One of the great paradoxes in fringe theory acceptance is that… goto

Cognitive Bias

The Eve of D-struction

25 Sep 2022

You are looking at Hand D, right here. There really is no doubt about Hand D. And there really was none created in the MOOC. This section (and its discussion forum) made smoke, weaved and bobbed… goto

Sir Thomas More  (1592–1604)

The Unorthodox Logic of Diana Price

21 Sep 2022

A review by Tom Veal: Diana Price, Shakespeare's Unorthodox Biography: New Evidence of an Authorship Problem (Greenwood Publishing Group, 2000) Introduction Despite the subtitle, “new evidence… goto

Diana Price


15 Aug 2022

Droeshout—the face that launched a thousand quips There is nothing suspicious, nothing indicative of alternative authorship or suggestive of misdirection, and in truth, not much at all wrong with… goto

First Folio, Droueshout


15 Aug 2022

Droeshout—the face that launched a thousand quips There is nothing suspicious, nothing indicative of alternative authorship or suggestive of misdirection, and in truth, not much at all wrong with… goto

First Folio, Droueshout

The Parallel Universe of Dr Stritmatter PhD.

31 Jul 2022

Another Oxfordian fantasy shot to bits He that takes the pain to pen the book . The poems of Edward de Vere. A new Oxfordian book has hit the stalls. Well, a new self-published, print-… goto


Was Oxford a Good Poet?

4 May 2022

No. 2020 is the 100th anniversary of Looney's book Shakespeare Identified. Hearts aflutter, Oxies are busy tooling up to celebrate as if their man was the Bard himself. They instigated the… goto

William Basse

4 May 2022

William Basse was a poet and a member of the servant class who first comes to the attention of historians and students of language in 1602, when Basse published his first literary work, a poem… goto

Henry VI ii

Sir Ian McKellen - doing a bit

26 Jan 2022

Ian McKellen does a bit. The last actor to create a Shakespearean role.Can you doubt it? Someone should give this speech at Tory Party Conferences and Republican Caucuses.Not just Will Shakespeare… goto

Sir Thomas More  (1592–1604)

The Oxfordian Chronology

1 Jan 2022

We have been asking and begging to see a full Oxfordian Chronology and Paul Streitz has kindly provided one. Now it is fair to say that not all Oxfordians agree with this comprehensive list of… goto

Court Matters

1. Bible Home

5 Oct 2021

Literary arguments about authorship, especially Oxfordian arguments, are easily subjectivised, stretched and exaggerated. You can't do that so easily with mathematical arguments. The data says what… goto


The Great Dictator

26 Jul 2021

Faced with Sir Thomas More, a patchwork production by a rabble of commoners, which “like the toad … wears yet a precious jewel in his head”—a scene of Shakespeare’s—the Oxfordians have had to re… goto

Hand D

J K Rowling

22 Jun 2021

What are the odds? A new candidate has emerged in the SAQ battlefield. Female candidates are few and far between: we have discussed the Countess of Pembroke on this site, Elizabeth Winkler has… goto

Lame him with reasons

26 Apr 2021

A literal-minded Oxfordian (is there any other kind?), insists that the author of the sonnets is using the word 'lame' in the literal sense to describe himself. The evidence for Oxford's mimetic… goto


4 Oct 2020

Feedback The upgrade to the latest version of our CMS is complete. It would have been quicker to retype every article on a Sinclair ZX81. This is a page to list any problems that the site… goto

Rude Oxfordians

25 Jul 2020

Dear Oxfraud, My husband no longer shows the slightest interest in starting a conversation with me, let alone showing any kind of sexual interest. After spotting an open copy of Ovid's… goto

To be or not to be Hamlet

22 Jul 2020

At her funeral, Hamlet leaps into Ophelia’s grave to outdo the grief of her brother with his own: “I lou'd Ophelia; fortie thousand Brothers Could not (with all there quantitie of Loue) Make vp my… goto

Hand D


3. Annotators and their marks

13 May 2020

There are 31,102 verses in the Geneva Bible, including The Apocrypha. There are 550 marked passages which add up to around 975-1100 marked verses depending on how carefully you count. Prepared by… goto


Pub Proposition

29 Oct 2019

Anonymous: Scene:36 (Deleted) Pub interior, Eastcheap. Dark. Some years before Jonson has appeared on the scene, De Vere and his cutthroat henchmen are sitting in a booth henching. A large pile of… goto

A squadron of Tempests

26 Sep 2019

“I freeze and burn, love is bitter and sweet, my sighs are tempests and my tears are floods, I am in ecstasy and agony, I am possessed by memories of her and I am in exile from myself.” … goto