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1. Bible Home Literary arguments about authorship, especially Oxfordian arguments, are easily subjectivised, stretched and exaggerated. You can't do that so easily with mathematical arguments. The data says what it says. In The Case of the Folger Bible… go to article Bible Stritmatter
2. The Dissertation “The life of Shakespeare is a fine mystery...  I tremble every day lest something should ‘turn up’.”—Charles Dickens  On his website, called Shak-speare's Bible, Professor Stritmatter… go to article Bible Bible
3. Annotators and their marks There are 31,102 verses in the Geneva Bible, including The Apocrypha. There are 550 marked passages which add up to around 975-1100 marked verses depending on how carefully you count. Prepared by English Reformers in exile in Geneva… go to article Bible Bible
4. Unjustified claims Simpsons. Lesson in Art Forgery with Max von Sydow. Having looked at the possible identities of the annotators, it's time to look at the distribution of the marks they made in the Folger's Geneva Bible. Oxfordian hopes rest on the… go to article Bible Bible
5. False Grails The math is simple enough. 550 marked passages, 1000 marked verses, 31000 verses altogether and around 107 matches (or around 216 with the Stritmatter additions). Why not just take the biggest positive headline figure (216) and divide by… go to article Bible The Taming of the Shrew
6. Marlowe and Control Data Trying for some indirectly generated credibility, Stritmatter conducts an exercise in sensitivity analysis in Appendix E, boldly labelled "Control Data". He flounders around trying to improve the validity of his probability claims by… go to article Bible Bible, Marlowe
7. The Dataset Our dataset includes Naseeb Shaheen's most recent list of just under 3,500 bible references. Professor Shaheen died in 2009 but even a small acquaintance with his work establishes his authority. We have used David Kathman's count… go to article Bible Bible
8. Leklywhodes Whilst clearly not Stritmatter's starting place, building tables is how Cornelius began his survey of Marlowe's biblical references and is surely how any serious surveyor would begin. If there is a relationship between the dataset… go to article Bible Bible
All’s Well That Ends Well All the references contained in a single play, All's Well That Ends Well. The Reference Finder will produce lists and links of marks in individual plays (or books of the Bible). The density of matches, or lack thereof, is typical… go to article Bible Bible
Apocrypha What about Oxford’s own scriptural interests? Surely somewhere in the plod and dribble of his writing—what Stritmatter calls “the breathtaking mellifluence of [his] early poems ... and the Ciceronian peal of his prose correspondence… go to article Bible Bible
Books - 1 Samuel Summary The childless Hannah vows to Yahweh of hosts that if she has a son, he will be dedicated to him. Eli, the priest of Shiloh (where the ark of the covenant is located), blesses her, and a… go to article Bible
Hermeneutics RS arguing for a reassessment (quoting himself while posting anonymously). Bible
Top 100 references Frequency is not Stritmatter's friend. Every table of favourite sections, books, chapters and verses indicates the lack of an overlap of interests between the annotators and the playwright. The idea that the more frequently a verse is… go to article Bible